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Associazione Italiana

Country & Western Dance


Affiliato CSEN, Ente di promozione sportiva riconosciuto dal CONI e dal Ministero dell'Interno.

Per i corsi di formazione: rilascio certificazione emessa dal CSEN, Ente di promozione sportiva riconosciuto dal CONI.

Sede legale AICOWED: S.S. Padana Superiore, 77 - 20063 Cernusco S/Naviglio (MI) - Italy   -   Codice Fiscale 91560710153

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In relation to the "Italian Country & Western Dance 2020 Championship", AICOWED, organizer of the event scheduled for 20-21-22 November 2020, is committed to following closely the current pandemic situation and to comply with the Italian Government directives.

Close to the first days of what is defined as "Phase Two" we are not given what is going to happen in the coming months, nobody is at this moment with certainty. However, we know that restarting activities is leading to many changes, especially with regard to social distancing and the protection of people in order to manage everyday life.

One thing above all we want to guarantee, our commitment to always give you a great event, in a safe place, where everyone is guaranteed and serene. We have a great responsibility: the protection of ours and your well-being. If this will not be possible, we would prefer  to cancel the event.

In any case, we will keep everyone informed of the developments through our social channels: the Aicowed page and the Championship group on Facebook, Instagram and the website.

Luana Giliberti, Layla Forgiarini

Event Directors