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Associazione Italiana

Country & Western Dance

Sede legale AICOWED: S.S. Padana Superiore, 77 - 20063 Cernusco S/Naviglio (MI) - Italy   -   Codice Fiscale 91560710153

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acronym of Italian Association of Country and Western Dance, was founded in March 2006 in order to promote, spread and make known this dance  discipline throughout the country.


The fundamental goals that the association aims to achieve are many and among these:

- Its development both on the national territory and abroad;

- The organization of the championships, competitions and workshops;

- Training of specialized dance teachers;

- Collaboration with third parties to organize events and share common resources.

The Country & Western Dance has increased its popularity in Italy and around the world:

AICOWED trains and prepares athletes for competitions or even just amateur dancers.

Since 2008, thanks to the commitment, professionalism and passion lavished by AICOWED, Italy has fully entered the WCDF (World Country Dance Federation) circuit with its own international event, the Italian Country & Western Dance Championship.


When commitment, professionalism and passion make a dream come true.

In 2007 AICOWED organized the first national championship which was followed, the following year, by the first international event that won AICOWED the title of official representative for Italy in the WorldCDF circuit, thanks to professionalism, talent, experience and passion for this discipline.

Campionato Italiano